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As Verdan slowly sinks into the earth, new levels are added to the city every few centuries to keep it above ground. While Verdan high-society prefers to live under the open sky, the levels below quickly become a different kind of 'interesting' as one goes deeper and the reach of the truancy grows weaker and weaker with every level.

Between every level is a 'floof', a reinforced, several meter-thick layer of steel and concrete that serves as both floor to the upper level and roof to the lower one. Passage between the Levels (especially upwards) is restricted and the truancy maintains a permanent checkpoint at each known opening in the floofs.


The surface or top level (only very rarely called 'L0') is the most pleasant one, the seat of the government and the place where every Verdanian aspires to live.


Below the surface level is 'L1', a drab place that is dominated by cheap housing for the women who work on the surface or in L12. It is the home of the storeclerks and bartenders, the cleaners , farmhands and factory workers. It is heavily patrolled by the Ministry of Truants and considered as safe as the surface, but exceedingly boring.


L2, also called the 'real Verdan' by some Verdanians is the darker sister of the surface. It has all the glamour of 'L0', but with much less rules and regulations as the reach of the truancy diminishes. If something is mildly illegal on the surface, then it is de-facto legal in L2. And if it is not much worse, well then you might just get away with it. Many Toreans come down to L2 to party, and even unescorted women dare to go as deep as L2. 


Pronounced "L-one-two", not "L-twelve" and sometimes also written as 'L1-2', 'L1a' or 'L2a' is a separate two-level deep area carved out into the ground besides the actual city. It houses the factories and factory-farms that feed Verdan. Like L1, it is safe and boring. Unlike L1, you need a permit to be on L12, unless you are employed at one of the many big industries there.  


Starting at L3, Verdan becomes interesting... and dangerous. Surface dwellers only very rarely go below L2 and they will not be received kindly if they do. The Ministry of Truants patrols L3, but only rarely and in full squads or more. Mostly, they content themselves with preventing criminals and terrorists from crossing through the floof into L2 or above.  

Deeper levelsEdit


L4 is the last level patrolled by the truancy. Below that, its the law of the jungle. What lies beyond L8 is a matter of open speculation in the coffee houses of Verdan, ranging from 'bedrock' to 'rubble' to 'a lost AI Pyramid'.