Truant officers are the most visible face of the oppression of women on Torei. Truant officers are tasked with upholding the laws and rules for women as set forth by the Ministry of Wombs. As such, they are in charge of enforcing the strict Torean curfew that is imposed on women in most ringdoms. They also pursue breaches of contracts if the perpetrator is a woman. In Ringdoms that have slavery, they are also tasked with hunting down runaway slaves.

The far-reaching powers of the Ministry of Truants has allowed 'the Truancy' to take on the role of a more general police force, although some Ringdoms still make a sharp distinction in jurisdiction between male and female.


Verdanian Truant Officers are comparatively rare and exceptional individuals. They dress in immaculate white suits and are trained in a style of combat that relies on grace, speed and prediction of enemy movements rather than on brute force and armor. Befitting their leadership role, Truant Officers are also given a large amount of independent authority. They are supported by a much larger force of 'Truant Enforcers' (usually called 'goons' behind their backs) who do the majority of the low-level work.

Shield GirlsEdit

The Verdan Ministry of Truants also admits women into their ranks as indentured servants. These so-called 'shield girls' receive training in hand-to-hand combat but they are not allowed to carry weapons. Instead, they are outfitted with a rather flimsy uniform of hot pants and tank top and equipped with a large riot shield with which they are supposed to protect their assigned Truant Officer or Truant Enforcer in a firefight. Although the work is hard and dangerous, being a shield girl is considered to be a prestigious and well-paid position that many young women aspire to - especially those who fancy being in charge of other girls and, quite literally, 'man-handling' them. Shield girls are also part of the Verdanian Entourage of important dignitaries and some wealthy businessmen.