The Triune Ministries of Torei, namely the Ministry of Wombs (MoW), the Ministry of Improvements (MoI) and the Ministry of Truants (MoT) are administrative bodies common to all Torean Ringdoms. They trace their long history back to the Regency period, when humanity struggled to organize as one after the death of the Princess Thrall. The ministries have changed form many times in the centuries since then, but they have always retained their names as it gives them easily recognizable, culturally ingrained authority over their field of administration.

After the end of the unified government of Torei, the Triune Ministries, too, have fragmented and become local administrative bodies, subject to the laws and customs of their respective Ringdoms. Still, their purpose remains the same - control of the female population - and there is some level of cooperation between the ministries even today. The different Ministries of Wombs will exchance census data, for example, so that the Ministries of Improvements can adjust the birth rate according to future need. And most Ringdoms have enacted bilatteral treaties that allow their Ministry of Truants to extradite runaway slaves and women found in breach of contract to other Ringdoms. 

Easily the most important of the Triune Ministries is the Ministry of wombs, which concerns itself with all female affairs and therefore is in charge of roughly 9/10th of the population of Torei. The guidelines and regulations set forth by the MoW are implemented by the other ministries. The MoT acts as an authoritarian police force for the female population and is the most feared of the ministries, while the MoI is primarily in charge of medical care, although its name-giving 'improvements' are also rightly feared.

In some ringdoms, the MoI and MoT have aquired the role of a general health-care provider and general police force, while in others, there are seperate services for males and females with strict division of jurisdiction.