The word "Torean" is of course just the adjectival form of "Torei". But when we use it on this wiki we often mean it in a deeper sense: when something is Torean we mean that it is compatible with the setting of Torei.

Canon, Apocrypha, and Pick&Mix Settings Edit

At its heart, there are only a few basic elements of Torei that are important:

You can pick and choose which part of this set is important to you, and craft a ringdom of your own in which to set your work. Any of the aspects you don't want to deal with you can just ignore or work around. Don't sweat the details!

Breaking the mould Edit

Of course rules are no fun if you don't try to break them. Here are a few examples of how one could subvert these aspects and still have a story that is fundamentally "Torean":

  • A ringdom where something has made women scarce.
  • An anthropologist character whose theories that human life originated on Earth rather than Elopani VI have cost him his professional career.
  • A tale about the AIs seeking a human emissary to join them in communing with alien Old Ones.
  • An egalitarian ringdom where the system of slavery merely resembles modern employment contracts.
  • A plot about the struggle over a transit link that would connect Torei to a popular transit hub in the main galaxies.

All of these ideas work against the core elements above by first acknowledging them, and then making the plot focus around subverting them.