Story codes are an easy, standardised way to let a reader know about the 'kinky content' of a story, so that she can easily decide if it is something she wants to read without having to resort to a possibly spoiler-rich synopsis.

Generally, not everything that appears in the story will need to be given its own code. The story codes should highlight the important content. So if, for example, a lesbian couple is said to also be on a dungeon party but are not given a real scene in a story that revolves around a M/f leading couple, then that story only needs to have the M/f code and not the F/f code. 

The only exception to this conservative use of story codes are things that are likely to violate the sensibility of the reader. Of course this is very subjective and no hard and fast rule can be given here. Things like the mention of feces-play (scat) or sexual killing (snuff) usually warrant a warning tag even if it is only mentioned briefly. Use common sense.

The definition of kinks varies from site to site and from person to person but the Torei wikia will use the following, generally accepted codes:

Pairing Codes Edit

These codes are meant to give a hint as to the gender balance and roles in a given story. Capitalisation is significant, and indicates which gender takes the upper hand in the story.


For M/f stories, see Category:Stories:M/f.

Also sometimes caled maledom, this pairing code indicates that in the story one or more men will be in a dominant situation, and one or more women will be in a submissive role.


For F/f stories, see Category:Stories:F/f.

F/f stories involve one or more women in a dominant position over one or more other women.


For M/m stories, see Category:Stories:M/m.

M/m stories feature one or more men dominating one or more other men.


For F/m stories, see Category:Stories:F/m.

Also sometimes called femdom, this pairing code indicates one or more women are in a dominant position over one or more men in the story.


For M/self stories, see Category:Stories:M/self.

Sometimes called solo, these stories feature a man performing various acts on himself (self-bondage, self-pleasure, etc.)


For F/self stories, see Category:Stories:F/self.

Sometimes called solo, these stories feature a woman performing various acts on herself (self-bondage, self-pleasure, etc.)

Relationship and Roles Edit


For D/s stories, see Category:Stories:D/s.

While the pairing codes hint at who has the upper hand, the D/s code indicates a more explicit relationship of dominance and submission. The D/s code represents some form of bilateral investment into the dom/sub relationship. Therefore, a M/f story in which a woman is captured and explicitly ravished is not necessarily D/s, while a tale of a maid lovingly serving her Master almost certainly is.


For stories that feature slavery, see Category:Stories:slavery.

Slavery is a common institution on Torei, and as such it may often be merely a background setting to a tale. Stories with the slavery code actively feature the practice in their plots, or one or more characters is clearly defined by her or his slave status.


For consensual stories, see Category:Stories:consenting.



For stories featuring reluctant characters, see Category:Stories:reluctant.

A story in which the primary submissive role is entered into with reluctance or trepidation. The role is consented to, but grudgingly or under duress. This may be done to obey the law, to support a friendship, to avoid blackmail, to receive a boon, or for any other reason that would cause the character to be conflicted about entering into submission.


For stories featuring unwilling characters, see Category:Stories:unwilling.


Actions and Props Edit


For stories that feature spanking, see Category:Stories:spanking.


For stories that feature toys, see Category:Stories:toys.

In a story, the toys code refers to the use of what once were politely called "marital aids". A scene where someone's arousal or climax is brought on by or definitively enhanced by some external device gains the toys code.


For stories that feature bondage, see Category:Stories:bondage.

For a more detailed coverage of bondage, see Wikipedia:Bondage (BDSM).

A story with bondage in it features the restraint of one or more characters. This story code is not used to refer to the practice of slavery.


For stories that feature "banesuits", see Category:Stories:bane.

The Torean setting's isolation laminates evoke the "banes" from Evil Dolly's famous Eudeamon tale. Stories with the bane tag feature tight full-coverage suits of a latex-like material that control the wearer's experience of the world outside.

Setting and Tone Edit


For stories with a science fiction theme, see Category:Stories:scifi.

Since the Torean setting is ultimately a science fiction world, it is rare to find a story set there that is not in some way scifi. If the story does not focus on any science fiction elements in the setting (such as a focused domestic scene), it does not need to use this tag.


For upbeat stories, see Category:Stories:upbeat.

Upbeat stories don't need to be relentlessly cheerful, but should have a relatively happy ending for the primary sympathetic characters.


For bittersweet stories, see Category:Stories:bittersweet.

Stories with a bittersweet tone typically have an ending that is somewhere between happy and tragic. The hero or heroine of a bittersweet tale might triumph in the main conflict, but at great cost. Perhaps they lose, but it turns out they can live with that. The mixture of ultimate reward and suffering is what makes a tale bittersweet.


For grim stories, see Category:Stories:grim.

Stories with a grim tone typically do not have a happy ending for the protagonist. One or more characters the reader invests in may suffer by the end, or villains may benefit.


For stories without explicit sex, see Category:Stories:nosex.

A story marked nosex has no explicit sexual content in it. It may have implied sexual situations, or it may "stop at the bedroom door". It could have more clinical descriptions of sexual congress. Or, as they say on American radio, it might "acknowledge the existence of sex."


For slower stories, see Category:Stories:slow.

Slow stories contain a large amount of plot or exposition. Check also for the nosex tag to see if there is any explicit sexual content at all.