pl. n. contraction of stimulator-inhibitor

So-called 'stimhibitors' are a broadly-defined class of 'improvements' which are developed by the Ministry of Improvements for the purpose of controlling women with their own sexuality.

The word 'stimhibitor' is a portmanteau, formed by the words 'stimulation' and 'inhibitor', which aptly describes its purpose. A woman who has been equipped with stimhibitors will find herself stimulated into a permanent, unyielding state of arousal while simultaneously being denied the release of orgasm by the inhibitor part. 

Early stimhibitor setups were external machines or suits that stimulated the victim with probes while sensors picked up on the body's reactions and adjusted the amount of stimulation so that orgasm could not be achieved. While these devices and suits are still seen in use, more modern devices can also be implanted, either invisibly under the skin or visibly as 'jewelry'. Stimhibitor drugs are also available from the Ministry of Improvement of some ringdoms, which produce a similar effect, either temporarily or permanently. 

Because of their torturous nature, Stimhibitors are usually applied as a punishment to an unwilling victim, though in rare cases they are taken electively. Stimhibitors are traditionally implanted directly by the MoI but recent technological advances have made their application so simple that they are now available in Torean jewelry stores and occassionally a woman is tricked into - or becomes contractually obliged to - stimhibition. As most forms of stimhibition are highly tamper-proof, this can be a quite permanent fate. 

Stimhibitors in Torean Fiction Edit

In Verdan (and possibly other ringdoms), limited or 'training' stimhibitors are also available which allow the wearer to climax, but only under certain conditions like the presence of a pre-defined 'owner' or as a reward for the completion of a certain task or service. 

In Anthea stimhibitors are mandatory for all female members of the slave classes as soon as they come of age. While these can be overridden with advanced Anthean technology, it requires a lot of resources and the express order of the governing Breakers' Council to do so. Anthea is of the opinion that girls are there to be horny so that men can enjoy them, not to please themselves.