Alice performs reverence (censored)

The torean curtsey, or reverence, is a gesture of submission and respect performed by the women of Torei before those of sufficiently higher status. It is like a formal curtsey, but the point is for a woman to expose her privates to a superior for inspection. This has the side-effect of revealing any symbols or mechanisms of low status or punishment such as chastity belts or brands.

"Thank you, Sir." Alice curtseyed, tapping one toe en-pointe against the floor as she lifted her skirts to reveal her shaven mound. The gesture was a local one, something from its golden days of lusty court libertines and beautiful courtesans. Alice did it partly out of thanks, but also to show respect for her client's stature. She may be free, but she only stayed so by navigating Torei's customs and culture. --The Lead

Diz peeled up her skirt to flash her belt as she curtsied, “Yes Womb, I understand.” Her fingers trembled as she let her skirt snap back down to her thighs. --The Angel of Discipline