Pyramid democracy is a uniquely Torean form of government losely related to census_suffrage . In principle, it is a system of universal suffrage in which every man, woman and child is allowed to cast one vote for the law-giving assembly. In practice, affluent (usually male) individuals forming just 10% of the population control anywhere between 70% and 95% of the votes. This is a result of vote accumulation. Children usually vote in line with their parents and, more importantly, although it is not legally possible to directly sell your right to vote in a pyramid democracy, it is perfectly possible to enter an employment contract so strict, that it becomes the employer's prerogative to dictate the smallest detail of anything you do an a given day - including election day. 

A person's political influence is therefore directly proportional to the number of indentured servants he has under contract. Owners of low-skill, labor-intensive industries like agriculture, manifacturing and hospitality are hugely over-represented in the law-giving bodies of pyramid democracies while the 'man on the street' only commands his own vote and that of his one or two personal servants. 

Freewomb who is not bound by contract can freely cast her own vote and may even command indentured votes of her own - but the number of women not under contract is comparatively small in most ringdoms.

Ringdoms using this systemEdit