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Mark Aristarchos
Mark Aristarchos
Official Status
Nationality Unknown
Status Privateer
Physical Attributes
Sex male

Background Edit

Mark Aristarchos is a physically impressive ex-navy marine turned pirate. He is an off-worlder who only recently came to Torei with his military voidraven. His ship, and himself are equipped with technologies that, while available to many galactic navies and private contractors, are virtually unknown on Torei, giving him a decisive edge in combat.

He makes his living by running an 'import-export' business, which basically boils down to raiding shipping convoys and then bringing the loot back to Torei. The expenses of the long-distance jumps necessary to take him to his hunting grounds and back are balanced with the high prices he can achieve for goods that are rare on backwater Torei, as well as the fact that he can operate legally with a letter of Mark issued by the high administration of Verdan.

He is the de-facto owner of Danielle Huri, a hospitaly agent with the Ministry of Tourism, a recently introduced body of the Verdan administration in charge of offworlders and visitors from other ringdoms.

Description Edit