Hundreds of thousands of years before this setting took place, there was a nation of Humans trapped on the edge of the Milky Way who wanted to expand to Andromeda. The technology of the time didn't really support intergalactic travel, so they built a rugged geode probe, which ultimately built Torei around a lonely Wikipedia:globular cluster.

Etymology Edit

Before the greater intergalactic human civilization reached Torei, this culture's language and history were not very well known. Archaeologists named it after the clothing found in ancient rubbish mounds. The clothing is made of a thin yet durable layer of stretchy material that can be easily polished to a glossy shine. It behaves much like latex, but is far stronger and breathes better for long-term wear.

Legacy Edit

Laminate clothing is still the material of choice on Torei, where the AIs continue the legacy of this long-dead culture and keep its archives alive.

The language known as "High Torean" is believed to be the ancient formal Laminate Culture dialect. The AIs speak it in unmodified form, and for much of Torei's history prevented it from drifting. Since the Regency period, however, Torean humans have begun to form local dialects that may vanish if not preserved.