Ringdom Info
Location Unknown
Civil Rights Indentured Servitude

Kossan is an equatorial ringdom situated close to the space elevator.


Kossan is dominated by a crime syndicate that has, over the centuries, become a parallel government. Some areas are under the jurisdiction of the Truancy and the 'official' Kossan government while others are directly under Syndicate control. The transitions are sometimes perfectly seamless and violent at others.

Outsiders will quickly find that dealing with just the legitimate side of the government will get them nowhere. The Labor Syndicate is to Kossan what rampant nepotism and Byzantine power struggles in the administration are to other Ringdoms.


Kossan is a Ringdom close to the space elevator, and thus wide open to outside travel and trade. Because the official government of Kossan is weak, many of the established laws and traditions that are generally observed in other Ringdoms need not apply to Kossan. For example, the Kossan brach of the Ministry of Improvement is willing to perform some procedures that other MoIs would not offer for sale at any price. Likewise, Kossan will observe some - but not all - of the treaties the Torean ringdoms have negotiated with the Trade Federation and other outside influence groups.

This stance occassionally puts Kossan at odds with the other Ringdoms, the off-world embassies and even the AIs (in the form of their emmissaries) themselves. Still, many factions (including all of the above) sometimes find Kossan's non-aligned 'rogue' nature useful for their own shadier plots and deals. And, somehow, Kossan has managed to survive and even thrive amidst this strife.

People of NoteEdit

Josephine JumpstarEdit

An offworld private eye or 'gummifoot', as they are called on Torei, who has settled in Kossan after a stint as a slave.

Talanda of house ElreqEdit

Talanda is a ranking slave of house Elreq and, as such, she is more influential - and more of a lady - than most freewombs, offworlder or not, can ever hope to become.

Together, they are hunting for the Elreq link, a priceless relic and heirloom of house Elreq of Kossan. As a genuine piece of the Princess Thrall's panoply of chains, it is part of Torei's planetary crown jewels. It was stolen by:

Anzerra of house ElreqEdit

A girl who has fallen on hard times and had to sell her liberty, Anzerra was a new trainee of house Elreq... before she ran away with the Link, that is.

Weck BarroEdit

One of many merchants to deal on the shady markets of Kossan, Weck Barro feeds from the very bottom of the barrel. It seems likely that the Elreq link has passed through his hands at one time or another.