You look toward the South and imagine, some impossible distance away, a computer with a body the size of this whole country. It breathes in the core of the world and breathes out the air you’re living on now...And when that computer wants to see what the rogue humans around the equatorial belt are up to, it simply sends itself there, wrapped around living bodies and playing in their heads...And its twin to the North is no different. --Your First Trip to Torei

The AIs are enormous complexes of computational reasoning housed in the polar ziggurats that perform the vital terraforming tasks to keep humanity alive on Torei. With most of the human population living on the equatorial Ringdoms, the AIs need to send emissaries (often called Dæmons by equatorial Toreans) to investigate and negotiate.

These emissaries are humans, mostly from Mazos or Dahom, who wear isolation laminates during their interactions with the equatorial population. It is unclear whether emissaries are ever released from these suits, or if they remain inside until death.

Autonomy Edit

When speaking to an emissary, your words and actions are perceived by the suit and relayed to the AI that controls it. The wearer is fed a select stream of sensory input designed by the suit's autonomous systems to evoke a desired response. It is unclear exactly how aware the human inside truly is of events going on, but many Toreologists argue that the distances involved require the wearer and the suit's autonomous systems working in concert to follow the AI's orders.