On Torei, all pregnancies are planned without exception. However, they are not planned by the mother or even the father. They are planned by the Ministry of Improvements that has jurisdiction over the mother, no matter if she is a freewomb , an indentured servant or a slave. It does this by use of the contraceptive implant all Torean girls are given as part of their extensive medical package when they come of age.

Female children are the sole responsibility of the mother while male children are the sole responsibility of the father. In both cases the state (ringdom) will provide for the child if the parent can not or is deceased, although this basically only applies to girls as it is ridiculously easy to find a surrogate parent for a boy. It is common for the mother of a boy to stay with the father as the closest Torean equivalent of a 'wife', although her status (free, indentured or slave) nominally doesn't change. There is little parental attachment between the father and his daughters, though, and they will go with the mother if she moves out, changes contracts or is sold.  

Basic education on Torei is free and state-provided, but higher education has to be paid for.