This world has human bio-engineering technology that thousands of years of singular focus developed far in advance of the rest of human science. --Your First Trip to Torei

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and on Torei that is most obvious in its science and technology of biological engineering. The human body may be reshaped, modified, and made stronger or weaker as needed. Torean bioscience allows them to grow new crops in hostile environments, and to tailor livestock to their needs. Diseases are rare and easily dealt with, and Toreans are in general far lustier and hardier than their off-world counterparts.

Access Edit

The ringdoms seem to be doing a brisk business in sex tourism, tax havens, and basic medical services. The AIs could outclass them on the last one, if they ever decided to. Of course, it could lead to their biotech secrets getting out, which would ruin any advantage they have. --A Blagger's History of Torei

The Ministry of Improvements shepherds the Ringdoms' management of medical science and body modification, and the AIs possess abilities that put the human-run Ministry to shame.

History Edit

The goal of the AIs was to make Torei habitable for normal humans, but the death rate among the early populations was too high. The bio-engineering research program produced humans who were more durable, and could withstand more of the half-made world. Specialized organisms were seeded at the equator, to try and build up biomass where the conditions were most favorable. Life on Torei began slowly to step outside, but it was all strange new breeds custom-built for that world. --A Blagger's History of Torei

Torei was isolated for nearly its entire history. The AIs had access to the scientific knowledge of the Laminate Culture, but embarked on a focused research programme to develop its bioscience for the purposes of terraforming. By the time humanity awoke, the AIs had knowledge of geology, astrophysics, and biotechnology that are the best in the known universe.