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Location Unknown
Civil Rights Unknown

Anthea is a relatively young equatorial and central ringdom noted for its emphasis on feminine beauty for its slave and higher-than-average female to male ratio (13:1 rather than 9:1)


While most of Anthea's history is summed up in Mistress Paetitia's history ofthe ringdom, in a nutshell it was founded by water and fuel miners. This resource domination allowed them to become wealthy and acquire more through import and export, an area of the ringdom still very much without rules.

Throughout Anthea's history, the large number of women has lead to a highly autocratic and centralized system of government known as the Council of Breakers. Because people are measured in how many slaves they own, this Council is made up of only the largest slaveholders. This further entrenches Anthean conservatism in regards to the harsh treatment and servitude experienced by Anthean slavegirls.

The Council rules all aspects of life and is lead by the Lord High Breaker, who holds a veto over Council affairs and can only be overturned by a 2/3 vote from the Council.


Anthea is noted for its lax trading laws. Almost anything is available in an Anthean market for a price.

Women are treated as even greater chattle in Anthea than almost any other ringdom. The female orgasm is totally banned amongst the slave population, who are also universally implanted with Stimhibitors to ensure they comply. Freewombs are likewise constricted and have to deal with high levels of restricted mobility in exchange for using Anthea's prized markets. However, they too are subject to orgasm control and must be outfitted with special chastity belt from the Ministry of Truants which allow orgasm only once a week.  There are no native-born Anthean freewombs in Anthea.

Public Spankings are commonplace as punishment. Lesbianism is also heavily frowned upon and viewed as disgusting by slavegirls, but arousing and demeaning to the girls by men. Girl-girl rape and beatings are therefore commonplace punishments for unfortunate slaves.

The Fighter's Cup is a staple of Anthean sporting culture, where condemned slave girls are forced to fight without any rules (bar fatality) for the amusement of the crowd. In typical Anthean fashion, the loser is then forcibly raped by the winner before being returned to her master to carry on life as a Class-3 Slave forced to endure a life of punishment and torture. The winner of the Cup is allowed free-womb status and given a ticket to another ringdom; however her Stimhibitors are left intact.

All Anthean slave girls are trained in one or more "schools" of sex: Vaginal, Anal, Oral, and Lesbian. While the three first schools are straightforward, the Lesbian school is not for the pleasure of the girls, but for performing the most entertaining lesbian show for onlooking men.